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Brie White has seven brothers and works at her dad's cheese shop in Wisconsin. The construction across the street is so loud, she approaches the house to complain to the woman inside. But the door is answered by a handsome man, instead, named Dr. Ryan Prince.

Ryan is carrying out his dead father's wish to have the amphitheater finished for Christian rock bands.

Brie's family isn't happy, trying to keep love from happening between Brie and Ryan. According to her brothers, no man is good enough for Brie.

Can Brie and Ryan overcome their family differences and fall in love?


Bang. Bang. Bang.

The whole cheese shop shook, the noise blasting through the air.

"That's it!" Brie White slammed her hands down on the countertop. "I've had it. Doesn't she realize this is Saturday?" She grabbed her coat and yanked it on in one quick motion. "Watch Tala and the shop," she said to her brother, Roman. "I'll be back."

Roman grabbed her arm. "Don't do anything stupid. Dad's tried and tried to stop that monstrosity across the street and he can't do anything. Just put up with it. It'll be over before long."

"I could be dead from a headache by then."

Tala, Brie's five-year-old adorable niece, grabbed Brie's coat sleeve. "Aunt Brie, take me with you. My head hurts, too. I want to tell her."

Brie had to grin. Tala looked just like the rest of the White family with dark hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin.

Brie knelt down in front of the girl. "You stay here and help your dad. He doesn't know how to be nice to the customers so you need to teach him."

Tala laughed, glancing up at her dad. "Be nice, Daddy."

"Sure." But Roman was looking out the door. "It's snowing already."

Brie stood up. "Welcome to autumn in Wisconsin. I'll be back." She stormed out the door, the snow just a flurry. Northeast Wisconsin didn't usually get a lot of snow before November, so she wasn't concerned.

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