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How to copy from your computer to your Kindle:

You can use this cool app: http://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle/pc. When it's installed, you just right-click on the file on your computer and select 'send to kindle.' All done!

If you don't want to have that app, then follow the directions below for plugging your kindle into your computer.

Directions For the Kindle:

If you're a visual person, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2UJyx-I0HA&feature=related for the youtube video of the same information.

  • To download a free book, click on the www.smashwords.com link for the book. It'll take you to the Smashwords website.
  • 'Buy the book.' When you get to the buy page, enter the code. You'll be able to download the version you want (.mobi is for Kindle).
  • Plug the Kindle into your computer (you'll need to take the plug off the USB cord end).
  • Open a window by clicking on 'start' and 'computer.' Click on the Kindle external drive. Click on 'documents.'
  • Open another window by clicking on 'start' and 'computer' then click on 'downloads' on the left. You have two windows open now.
  • Drag the book from the downloads window to the Kindle documents window.
  • Go back to the computer window (or open another window by clicking on 'start' and 'computer').
  • Right-click on the Kindle external drive and eject the Kindle. If you omit this step, you have potential to break your kindle.
  • Right-click on the Kindle external drive again and safely remove the Kindle.

Now, when you open your kindle, the book should be on there.

The directions are almost the same for the Nook.



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