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Books and Dates:

Book Title Author Name Publication Date

1.    All for Aaron by Markee Anderson 08/01/10
2.    Love Means Nothin' by Markee Anderson 08/19/10
3.    Touchdowns & Potions by Markee Anderson 08/19/10
4.    Dating a Spy Isn't All Fun and Games by Andie Alexander 08/26/10
   Saved by the Glass Slipper (unpublished) by Andie Alexander and Markee Anderson 08/26/10
5.    Ruled a Suicide by Andie Alexander 07/15/11
6.    Justiceman by Andie Alexander 07/29/11
7.    A Heapin' Helping of Three Cross Faith by Eryn Grace 09/14/11
8.    Angel 911: Bullied by Kyra Myles 09/14/11
9.    The Lingerie Castle by Markee Anderson 09/19/11
10.    Get Me Out of Africa by Andie Alexander 09/22/11
11.    A Heart That's Just Right by Andie Alexander 10/05/11
12.    Stalking Sydney by Eryn Grace 10/05/11
13.    Cameo Appearance by Markee Anderson 10/13/11
14.    Whisper a Prayer by Eryn Grace 10/16/11
15.    Finding a Heart of Peace by Eryn Grace 11/11/11
16.    A Dream to Share by Andie Alexander 11/15/11
17.    Can Natalie Come Out to Play? by Markee Anderson 11/15/11
18.    What? I Have Superpowers? by Kyra Myles 12/06/11
19.    Voo Do Love Me! by Andie Alexander 12/14/11
20.    With My Whole Heart by Markee Anderson 01/06/12
21.    Kissing the Waves by Markee Anderson 02/29/12
22.    Forever, Sweet Love by Eryn Grace 03/20/12
23.    Kiss of Fashion by Markee Anderson 03/26/12
24.    Dead Men Don't Dust by Andie Alexander 04/25/12
25.    Do You Need a Doggie Bag? by Andie Alexander 05/12/12
26.    Touching the Love of a Texas Sunset by Eryn Grace 05/28/12
27.    All the Better to Love You With by Eryn Grace 07/11/12
28.    A Trail of Rose Petals by Eryn Grace 07/30/12
29.    A Guardian Angel's Kiss by Eryn Grace 10/22/12
30.    Teach Me to Love by Eryn Grace 02/12/13
31.    Diplomats by Andie Alexander 03/21/13
32.    Kissin' in a Kilt by Markee Anderson 03/26/13
33.    Lighting the Darkness by Eryn Grace 04/13/13
34.    Beyond Secrets by Markee Anderson 04/30/13
35.    A Love As Fair As Snow by Eryn Grace 05/14/13
36.    Sweet Love of Texas by Eryn Grace 09/23/13
37.    Wishing on Mistletoe Mountain by Markee Anderson 11/24/14
38.    Ginger, Spice, and everything Not Nice by Paige Ryter 12/15/14
39.    Better Watch Out by Kyra Myles 12/20/14
40.    The Improbable Legend of Lucy George  by Kyra Myles 01/30/15
41.    My Vampy Valentine by Paige Ryter 02/11/15
42.    The Psycho Golden Shamrock by Paige Ryter 03/15/15
43.    The Lord is With Me by Eryn Grace 04/14/15
44.    Please Don't Blow Up the Neighbors by Andie Alexander 05/29/15
45.    Welcome to Fugitive Inn by Andie Alexander 06/29/15
46.    Invasion of the Alien Dust Bunnies by Paige Ryter 07/30/15
47.    Faith in the Darkest of Nights by Eryn Grace 08/31/15
48.    Death's Sidekick by Andie Alexander 09/28/15
49.    Deadly Interpretations by Andie Alexander 10/31/15
50.    Murders on the Edge by Andie Alexander 11/10/15
51.    The Waterfall Coup by Andie Alexander 11/29/15
52.    In the Twinkle of Christmas by Markee Anderson 12/19/15
53.    Gangs, In-Laws, and Outlaws by Andie Alexander 02/02/16
54.    Remember the Yellow Rose by Eryn Grace 02/16/16
55.    You'll Call It Home by Markee Anderson 06/09/16
56.    A Time for Secrets by Andie Alexander 09/22/16
57.    Little Blessings by Eryn Grace 05/22/17
58.    Questionable Job Security by Andie Alexander 06/07/17
59.    Justice for Dessert by Markee Anderson 07/31/17



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