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New Book!

Faith in the Darkest of Nights


For Becky Lewis and her three children, life isn't fair. Now, with the death of her military husband, she knows she's stuck living in her parent's home with them. However, in her last conversation with her husband while he was in the hospital overseas, he told her to meet his commanding officer, Captain Reese Simon.

Captain Simon, a confirmed bachelor, never knew about God's love. However, PFC Bob Lewis told him a story that changed his life. The story took place in a concentration camp in WWII Treblinka, Poland, and how, even when the night is dark and the outcome is bleak, God is with us all.

Can Captain Simon help Becky and the kids come to know the love of Jesus, given their circumstances? Or will it take an extreme crisis for Becky to understand that she is also saved?

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