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Little Blessings


Confirmed bachelor, Dr. Calvin Neal, lives next to Gran, an older woman who also goes to his church. This tiny street is about to hear the pitter patter of little feet, thanks to Cal being willed Gran's two great-grandchildren. According to the mother's will, Cal has to marry in less than a month.

Jordyn Kelley, a single EMT, lives on Gran's other side, two doors down from Cal. She and Cal sing in the same church choir and are friends. However, she's dead-set against dating anyone in the medical field, thanks to her evil doctor father. When she meets the children, she takes on the role of helping Cal by babysitting and making his life a lot easier, just because she feels badly for the little orphans.

Since Jordyn doesn't want to date doctors, Gran decides to play matchmaker, so Cal can marry in less than a month. It isn't long until Cal realizes that Jordyn is much more of a catch than all the potential brides Gran has in mind. She's taken on the role of mother for these two children, which is endearing to his heart. With the help of Preacher Rich, Cal just has to convince Jordyn that he's more than just a friend and she's been chosen for the job.

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