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Short Stories:

Short Stories by Eryn Grace:

_A Christmas Miracle
Pastor Nick Olson finds a young girl and her little dog lying in the church's manger scene early on Christmas Eve morning. The mom had an accident across the street, and it's up to Nick to save not only this new family, but himself in the meantime.

_Christmas Is for Miracles
Widower Mary White finds a new outlet when she goes to watch a jazz band at a local coffee shop...and who should also play there? Read to find out!

_All I Want for Christmas
Beth Snow only wants one thing for Christmas. To have a family of her own. But will she get her wish?

_Chance Encounters
Newly divorced, Nancy Wentworth goes to church, and for once, is thankful she's there. She's a nurse and the stranger beside her is having a heart attack. However, he's someone famous and becomes a longlasting friend.

With her father unable to take care of his new home in the mountains of Montana, Lauren and her very pregnant twin sister clean the place out so they can sell it. However, nature has other ideas, as does the single doctor down the street.

_With God's Blessing
Angie Dakota is almost run over by the new neighbor--a youth pastor with a vision to make his property into a youth retreat business.

_Meet Me in the Park
Gretchen Whitaker runs into a minister in the park when their two dogs can't wait to meet each other. It seems the dogs aren't the only ones wanting to get to know each other.

_Heaven Ain't Ready...Yet
Two old men, Frank and Ralph, play chess while discussing their next vocation, even though they're both around 80 years of age.


Short Stories by Markee Anderson:

_The Greeting Card Princess
Violet Black is sick of her coworker. He's loud, obnoxious, and his behavior borders on illegal. But when a new guy is on the coworker's very loud speakerphone, Violet knows she just has to meet him.

_The Man Walker
Alice Wonderly is out of a job as a dog walker. Time be become creative and use her talents for real men while staying innocent.

_The Waterfall List
Carisma Field has to join her parents on their 'waterfall list,' trying to see all the waterfalls in the United States. They go to Lake Havasu, hiking the trail. But when she falls, a man with a PDA becomes her best friend.

_Catch Me When I Fall
A department security officer's day is interrupted when a cop shows up, asking her to help him find an armed criminal in her store.


Short Stories by Kyra Myles:

_It's Halloween Season
Two sisters are walking around on Halloween night with their two dogs. The dogs can talk to each other, and try to help the sisters stay out of trouble, but they fail in their quest.


Other Short Stories:

_Behind the Shower Curtain by Kooky Bostons
Two dogs, Calvin and Hobbes, star in this doggie soap opera.



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