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I write as five different people. Promoting all those names is a royal pain. So I had this wild idea to put all my marketing efforts under one website name--SweetTaleBooks.com.

I think of this 'split personality pen name' disorder much like Jeff Dunham's puppet characters (if you've never seen his act on Comedy Central, look up Jeff Dunham on youtube.com).

Each of my pen names has its own personality. Here's how I separate them in my own head, listed below. Oh, and if you want to know the main writer, think of me like the Stig on BBC's Top Gear (go to youtube and look up 'the Stig')--an unknown race car driver. LOL!

* Andie Alexander--mystery/adventure writer.
_Personality--street wise, sarcastic, curmudgeon. Her books are pushing the limit of 'sweet.'

* Markee Anderson--contemporary romance writer.
_Personality--happy go lucky, optimistic.

* Eryn Grace--Christian romance writer.
_Personality--filled with hope for the future, wants a happily ever after ending.

* Kyra Myles--YA paranormal/sci-fi.
_Personality--wants to describe the strange what-ifs in life. Fan of Ghost Hunters on Sy-fy.

* Paige Ryter--contemporary romance writer.
_Personality--hopeless romantic for now, but in the future, Paige's writing may be different.

Enjoy the different personalities and the books they write. Andie thinks 'the Stig character' needs a shrink. LOL!




Here are all my emails...you can reach me on any of them:

SweetTaleBooks (at) gmail.com

Andie.Alexander (at) gmail.com

MarkeeAnderson (at) gmail.com

AuthorErynGrace (at) gmail.com

KyraMyles (at) gmail.com

Paige.Ryter (at) gmail.com

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